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Rest In Power Amir Locke, His Year Around The Sun Taken From No-Knock Warrants.

Today, we come to talk about a repetitive subject of yet again, police execution of another black man. Amir Locke was a son, a brother, a new business owner, and a victim shot and killed by Minneapolis Police officer Mark Hanneman during a no-knock search warrant on Wednesday. His name was not listed on the warrant, but his life still was cut short. The warrant was issued by the Saint Paul Police Department (SPPD). According to SPPD, they wanted the assistance of the Minneapolis Police Department in serving the warrant but never asked them to execute a "no-knock warrant." Upon watching the footage, you can see that they entered the unit without knocking, and within nine seconds of entering, Amir was fatally shot. Amir was wrapped in a blanket asleep, and when the police entered, he reached for his gun, but his finger was not on the trigger even then. It was on the side, and he held the gun down in confusion, trying to establish what was happening. Keep in mind the gun was a legal firearm, and once again, his name was not even on the warrant. Should we be shocked? Should we be in disbelief? Within nine seconds, his year around the sun would end.

Another person and family are dealing with the aftermath of bad laws. A community that is traumatized by the reality of this could be me. This could be my child, my family member, my friend. Police come into these houses with these no-knock warrants with their hand literally on the trigger, ready to shoot, ready to kill. Conversations in black households are filled with watching your surroundings, checking your vehicles, making sure you don't wear a hoodie or hat when stopped by the Police, giving them what they need, and most importantly, making sure you come back home. These are daily conversations because black people are always treated as a threat. These repetitive acts are why we constantly say, Black Lives Matter. These repetitive acts are why we continuously lack trust in the Police. I'm not implying that all cops are bad, but I am saying they took an oath to protect and serve.

In 2020, Breonna Taylor was murdered by Police during a no-knock warrant. Now in 2022, Amir was murdered by Police during a no-knock warrant. The Senate has yet to bring a bill that bans no-knock warrants to a vote within those two years. Neither victims were guilty, but the system was. No-knock warrants have deadly consequences for black people, and too many have to deal with this harassment for those who don't deserve it. Our conversations are no longer made up of worrying about other citizens but about Police encounters. Even if Amir didn't reach for his gun, they would have shot him. Even if he held his hands up, they would have shot him. They only allowed nine seconds to transpire before shooting him, and he didn't get the opportunity to see who took his life. Accountability is needed because Amir and so many others were loved and shouldn't have lost their lives.

The civil rights movements of the '50s and '60s lasted ten years. When they were hosed down with water, I'm sure they wanted to quit. When Police told dogs to attack them, I'm sure they wanted to quit. When they were beaten down and sent to jail, I'm sure they wanted to quit. We, the people, must not be willing to quit. No Justice, No Peace. We must continue to be their voice. We must continue to bring justice and equality for all. Amir was innocent, and the Police were guilty. Amir was innocent of being a black man, and the Police were guilty of perceiving him as a threat. As time changes, so should our actions and behaviors. Tell the truth even when it's uncomfortable and not in your favor. Speak up when people in your environment are committing wrong acts. Stand on morals and values that provide dignity and respect for all. Lastly, never forget to say their names.

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