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Updated: May 11, 2021

Welcome everyone to our page, and we're so glad to be able to share this journey with you. We created Influencers Unlimited to share different narratives and how it correlates to the leadership role. Our passion and mission are to develop dialogues and conversations that lead to change—using references from past and present events. We can implement behaviors such as kindness, morals, and values within our leadership role and be the example we so often seek.

Erica, Co-Creator

I am Co-Creator of Influencers Unlimited and I am currently a full-time student getting my doctorate in Organizational Leadership. I plan to use my knowledge to share with you all about the importance of the leadership role and how it can be applied within a business, education, politics, entrepreneurship, or personal life. It is never too late to transform into our better selves. As we take a look at current events that have transpired, we can see the division. We tend to forget we are not born with hate in our hearts, but our social environment teaches us such attributes. We tend to use diversity as an excuse to create division, but we can benefit from using diversity to influence inclusion. No one should have to feel isolated or indifferent. We can all learn from one another when given the opportunity.

As you continue on this journey with us, my sister and I would like you to take away knowledge and perspectives. When you read the articles, consider how it applies to you, your community, or maybe a friend. We will be discussing motivating and inspiring topics, and then there will be articles that may be hard to read. I would like you to gain perspectives of the people behind the pieces, their views, messages, and goal. Sometimes we prefer to ignore conflict because it may not apply to us or we have no desire to get involved. Not everyone has the luxury to remain silent or ignorant. Specific topics and scenarios affect us directly. With the help of applying innovative efforts and knowledge behind the leadership role, we can work on a progressive movement that breaks old barriers and stigmas.

Nia, Co-Creator

Hey guys!! Nice to meet you. I am Nia, and I'm the Co-Creator of Influencers Unlimited. I know you were thinking, who in the world are you influencing and why unlimited? Ha! If you are from a small town like I am, you don’t have sizable dreams because, much like myself, you dream vastly like the notorious influencer Martin Luther King Jr. You don’t care who or how your message reaches people that all platforms and ages listen. What is clear to you and me is I’m that gal from North Carolina folks, who is also a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, so of course, I am the “Influencer,” and my small business skills are highly unlimited. I use to be a receptionist for one of the largest restaurant corporations in the U.S., Supervisor for the Parks and Recreation Department for the After School program in my city, Salon Manager, and now I’m an entrepreneurial, melanin-looking owner of multiple businesses!

My business partner, who is also my sister, started this journey while vacationing in Vegas. One early morning we just came in from doing a little shopping, and we were waiting to eat at one of the most tasteful seafood places I have ever experienced, but we’ll talk more about that later. We then decided let’s play a waiting game where we film ourselves and discuss random topics, whether it’s Trump (the president at the time) or the cutest swimsuits we may find, or the so-called "accidental" bombings overseas. Either way, we were ready to talk about it. Around the good ol’ Carolina, we say, “You know us, ol’ country folks, we stick togetha,” and that’s right! I want all of us to be influenced by our unlimited manner using, hospitable, good ol’ sweet tea drinking, self-sufficient, the influential leader has to say about how to transform into one of the most effective.

Influencers Unlimited plans to use influence and motivation to reach common goals and without using power and control. Our business will use our platform to provide skills to become a more efficient leader effectively. We discuss a game plan that resolves communication barriers, team-building efforts and builds a more viable community. We want our readers to have confidence in resolving conflict and cultural barriers. Thank you for following along. Get comfy because we have a lot to catch up on.

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