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Your'e More Powerful Than You Think

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Why Is Your Voice So Powerful

As we start this blog, we should first begin with the discussion of why your voice is powerful. In Eric Liu's book, You're More Powerful Than You Think, he wants us to imagine the opposite of helplessness. It's about taking back your power. It's okay to serve others, but don't get lost in the sauce. Don't forget nor neglect yourself. As we give out respect, we should also make sure we are receiving it as well. Proceed in life with dignity and the principle of being seen and heard. We live in a world that carries endless possibilities; therefore, as he says, you're more powerful than you think.

Sometimes in life, it may feel like every time we take two steps forward, we take another step back. Eric Liu reminds us during these times that we should exceed the changes needed to grow and adapt. Stay woke when it comes to your surroundings and the people you surround yourself with. Not everyone is entitled to dictate how you operate. The government already controls what they perceive we should be receiving on salary, health benefits, safety, etc. We can't allow them also to limit our voice nor our power. The more we understand the power ladder, the easier it gets to create our own moral and ethical foundation. Just because one individual believes in something doesn't mean you should install the same beliefs. It's essential to understand and break down the issues so you can trust in yourself to make more effective decisions on what will work best for you. Eric Liu mentioned we are the people that can make changes, make differences, and an impact. You heard the man shake it up!

Being More Politically Educated

We don't have to be the most politically savvy, but it's essential to be involved, periodt. Consider where you work or who are the local politicians in your area. What have they done since being in these roles? We place people in higher positions because they have said something to win us over. We have put our trust in them to make a difference and to govern our lives. This just in; people in power take advantage of it. If we look at recent events, we are still dealing with "Jim Crow" laws. The minority vote makes such an impact they want to control it. Instead, they would put laws together to limit our freedom of speech, verse using laws to protect it. Eric Liu mentions that citizens don't have to accept the package of one size fits all in the monopoly of politics. One more time for the reader in the back! We don't have to settle for what the government thinks is best for us because they create laws that imply the opposite.

When it comes to being more political savvy, it's about learning who your federal and state politicians are. When it comes to creating policies and legislation, it can be biased. Some people would instead not vote because they feel their vote doesn't matter. Not voting is voting—your handing power to those who did not earn it. Someone is going to have control over laws that would apply to you. Please don't give it to them willingly. They must earn it. Let em know, put some respect on my name. Eric Liu mentions the average American's voice is heard only when it applies to the wealthy. When a minority's voice is heard, it's through a tragic event like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jamal Sutherland, Emmanuel 9, etc. It's when we have to protest, create a movement, make yet another hashtag. With greater power comes ignorance and sociopathy. As I mentioned earlier, we don't have to know all the political terminology, but we also shouldn't let those that intimidate us or belittle us. There is power in your voice, and you have every right to be seen and heard.

Why Is This Book Relevant Now

I'm always team underdogs, and this book speaks to them. Eric Liu wants to remind us why we are more powerful than we think. He says we give the power to make the powerful, powerful. Facts. They rely on the underdogs to place them in these higher positions. All we want is an equal opportunity and a fair chance. We shouldn't have to fight for it because our constitution implies it's equal to all. We are citizens before we are Republicans and Democrats. If we understand the nature of power, we can create a dialogue that questions and addresses what is considered fair chance. The book mentions exploring three core laws of power, defining what power truly is, how to practice power, and how laws demand strategies to create change. By practicing power, we can learn how to make more effective demands in how things are run.

I'm going to end it here by reminding you that power is a gift. It is connected to human dignity, our birthright, and our freedoms. Everyone who has power today has it because we chose to give it to them. Eric Liu reminds us that people in power preach about inclusion even when they fail to practice it. We need a society that shows respect for all, and not some. You don't have to be wealthy to make an impact. Just decide what impact you are trying to make and make sure the message gets delivered the right way. If we don't listen, we can't transform. If we don't take steps toward change, we will never see the outcome we seek. Society should be more inclusive and represent all those in it. If you take away anything from this blog, let it be this, You're more powerful than you think!

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